Blackberry Apps Top Picks

1. If your clients rack up the airmiles then WorldMate Live is an ideal travel companion. It’ll help manage itineraries, keep track of exchange rates and weather and (if you’re using the premium version) even find alternative flights.



2. Upvise’s BlackBerry client gives you a clean look at your tasks and projects – making it easy to collaborate with a small team. It’s a tool that can help you run your client projects as well as helping your clients run their businesses.


3. The default BlackBerry applications include a notepad tool, Office file viewers, a calculator and a mapping tool (which will use the built-in GPS if available).


4. BlackBerrys are great for gathering and managing information, and tools like Viigo simplify the task of collating and displaying information from a wide selection of different feeds and services.


5. The latest versions of the BlackBerry Word viewers can display Word 2007 .DOCX files, as well as many other common file formats, reformatting to fit the device’s screen. You can also view basic document metadata.


6. App World is RIM’s online application shop, which mixes free and paid applications, as well as consumer and commercial software. You’ll find everything from games to CRM clients. Currently payment is in US$ through a PayPal account.


7. You can drill down into individual tasks in Upvise, and assign them to appropriate team members – as well as setting due dates and the completion status. Tasks can be added to lists, or created as part of a project.


8. Vlingo is all about speech – and when it’s “thinking”, it’s actually using a Web service to recognise just what you said, ready to act on it. Unlike many other speech recognition services, it’ll even cope with a British accent.


9. Cellica’s database viewer tool is a useful support tool. Databases are exported to BlackBerry via a desktop application, and you can then view the contents – either a row at a time, or as a complete table.


10. The Documents to Go viewers bundled with BlackBerry OS 4.6 and later can even display PowerPoint slides on a mobile device – letting your users give ad hoc presentations even when they don’t have a laptop.


11. The business applications section of App World contains a wide selection of applications and tools – with information services mixed with line of business applications and support tools. Applications download directly to the device over the air.


12. Google’s map application for the BlackBerry uses a mix of cell tower positioning and GPS to locate the device. It provides basic car and walking navigation, as well as location-based search, making it a useful tool for anyone on the road.
Version 3 includes Latitude support; a service that lets friends and colleagues see where you are whenever you allow it – ideal for scheduling customer calls.


13. Even Software as a Service platforms like have BlackBerry applications, giving your clients access to key company dashboards wherever and whenever they want.

14.Sales and field service staff need good information when they’re on the road, and tools like Maximizer help provide that information. Integrating with core BlackBerry functions, it can track calls and help maintain a consistent view of all a client’s customers.


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