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    Dirtection Inc: episode 6

    In which the vicar delivers a sermon and the rogue cleaning operative delivers the coup de grace.The keyboard cleaning profession seldom takes one into ecclesiastical circles, so I’m not sure if it is considered normal for vicars to sit stark naked upon gargoyles while delivering sermons through a megaphone.
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    Dirtection Inc: episode 1

    There are 322 types of keyboard fluff. This is the story of one of them.If it hadn’t been for the piece of fluff, the whole business with the horseflies, the vicar and the postmistress might have turned out very differently. It was a particularly interesting piece of fluff, as it happens, which is why I stole it. Well, I’m not sure ‘steal’ is quite the right word, really. More a case of borrowing. I would have given it back if asked. But, as is so often the case with fluff, nobody asked.
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# Article Title Author
1 The Case of the Headless Corpses, Part 2 Huw Collingbourne Illustrated by Marcello Bortolino
2 The Case of the Headless Corpses, Part 1 Huw Collingbourne Illustrated by Marcello Bortolino
3 Dirtection Inc: episode 8 Huw Collingbourne
4 Dirtection Inc: episode 7 Huw Collingbourne
5 Dirtection Inc: episode 6 Huw Collingbourne
6 Dirtection Inc: episode 5 Huw Collingbourne
7 Dirtection Inc: episode 4 Huw Collingbourne
8 Dirtection Inc: episode 1 Huw Collingbourne
9 Dirtection Inc: episode 3 Huw Collingbourne
10 Dirtection Inc: episode 2 Huw Collingbourne


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